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Let’s Change the World Together

VšĮ Inovacijų biuras (Innovation Office) – Lithuania


  • Social exclusion

  • Intolerance

  • Ignorance

  • Lack of awareness/access/information

Target group:

- Organisations, working with young people having fewer opportunities


- Synergy

- To create supportive environment

- Act not only in local but also in global field

Tools & Techniques:

- Workshops

- Invitation

- Social media: Facebook,

VšĮ Inovacijų biuras (Innovation Office) with the help of VšĮ „Versli“ (Enterprising Woman – experienced in various supportive business services) created campaign “Let’s Change the World Together” and contacted local NGOs, schools and other organisations working with young people in order to unite our activities and become stronger power in youth non-formal education and learning, especially for people having fewer opportunities. We spread invitation to join our networking in all over Lithuania as we are small country, not only in capital Vilnius. We have got 137 reactions – they have filled contact form with desire to collaborate with us in the future.

Vilnius, Lithuania, December 18th, 2019

10 participants arrived for “Let’s Change the World Together” event to generate ideas for the coming year in order to spread the world harmony and make people more receptive to inevitable problems solving.

Aim of the event – strengthen collaboration with other organizations and increase involvement of participants having fewer opportunities.

The event was about 3 hours long. Participants gave a task to make a “Diamond” table from word “World”.

On a piece of paper participants draw a diagram explaining what the world is to them. Later shared the results and presented created “Diamonds”.

After this task, each participant wrote 3 ideas, which can help to make world more tolerant, clean and harmonious. Each idea was presented and grouped together with the other ideas. We got two groups: ecological and communicational. Participants spread in two sides and generated mini project for future how we can change the world from communicational and ecological sides.

Beside this, we discussed how participants having less opportunities could be involved in our activities through organizational collaboration. Mostly we talked about people from rural areas, having hearing difficulties, visual impaired.

As Nelson Mandela says: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. This event was perfect start for future to take actions and involve more people towards world changing. This event helped Innovation Office organization to find new partnerships, spread Innovation Office’s name and generate new ideas, which can be implemented. Also event was useful for Innovation Office in work with young people to build tolerance towards harmony in the world.

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