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“4Ps for Youth: Public, Popular, Progressive and Productive Capacity Development Program aims to bring together different European organizations to discuss public relations development  trends, to study modern communication tools and technologies, to be equipped with relevant knowledge to publicize the daily work, to make it more effective. 



The program will be launched in Italy. Representatives of participating organizations will meet to prepare for the program, discuss current challenges and expectations.

Young people from more than 12 countries will take part in the training program to be held in Germany. The aim of the program is to impart knowledge to young people about PR և communication tools և technologies.

The knowledge gained from the training program in Germany will be applied by the participating organizations in their countries, using technologies in practice to publicize their work.

The final stage of the program will take place in Yerevan. Representatives of participating organizations will meet in Armenia to analyze the impact of the program, its achievements and shortcomings.

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