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The Carnival Walk

The first step of our PR-campaign was the presentation of our university among other organizations at the huge annual celebration - The day of the city of Dnipro (14th September). During this activity about 60 students of “Dnipro Polytechnic”, were assembled for the participation in the Carnival named “I Love Dnipro”. With the direct Student Council involvement, we prepared the students’ speech and dance for the performance at the main square of the city. Also, in the celebration boundaries, our students took part in the parade called “The Carnival Walk”, that took place from Heroes of Maidan square to Festival'nyi pier. Students were chanting the name of the university and were wearing T-shirts with the university logo and the yellow and blue ribbons. Such a performance brought a great success and was the best one among the others. So, the mayor of the city presented us with 3 huge billboards with the image of our marching students. Now the billboards are located around the city centre.

Implemented by Dnipro Polytechnic


✓ Low awareness of schoolchildren and new students about the university life and projects

✓ Lack of financial support from university administration and NGOs

✓ Lack of participants among students in the Student Council, therefore, low influence on the administrative university life

Target group:

✓ NGOs, foreign partners, students, schoolchildren, Dnipro inhabitants


✓ Increase university popularity and students’ activity

✓ Encourage schoolchildren to enter our university and aware students of university life and projects

✓ Promote “Dnipro Polytechnic” among other universities and NGOs

✓ Present NTU “DP” among other international organizations and foreign universities

✓ Strengthen our university relationships with its partners

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