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PR specialist: Nune Hovsepyan

The most important event in the field of communications, the 5th Armenian PR Awards Grand Ceremony took place on 07.06.2021.

The Head of the PR Department of the Human Rights Defender of RA, Nune Hovsepyan is the winner in the "PR specialist of the Year" category.

During the Grand Ceremony, Ms Nune Hovsepyan received the award at the hands of the ex-Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA, Ms Anna Naghdalyan, who has won multiple awards in different categories during the previous years.

The 3 best Nominees in the category were:

  • Nune Hovsepyan, Human Rights Defender office, (Winner)

  • Anush Badalyan (“Shengavit” Medical Center)

  • Lusine Martirosyan (Ministry of Justice of RA)

Following the target audiences, the research tools were selected, including interviews and survey research. 1925 respondents (PR specialists, psychologists, political scientists, arts specialists, media representatives, and experts) contributed to the data of the questionnaires. 19 focus groups, involving 2 age groups (23-35 and 35-70, statistically incorporating 42% of males and 58% of females) participated in the research. In the scope of a year, the publications and video materials of different media channels were monitored. Media monitoring was implemented via a “Rumors monitoring” fully automated monitoring system.

In the result, based on quantitative methods the best 3 nominees for each category were selected. The winner has been identified by the professional international committee.

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